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How To Get Started

To get started using your baby website, you must either begin with our Free 7-Day Trial or place an Order. Once you have completed the steps for either option, your baby website will be online immediately and ready for you to begin entering your content.

Placing an order could not be any easier. You don't even need to commit to one design choice. We allow you the option of changing your design at any time. That way, you can place your order and feel comfortable that your decision has not been set in stone. If, at any time, you decide to change your design choice, it's as easy as selecting the "Change Design" button in Your Site Center and choosing a new design option or color scheme.

How Do I Enter My Website Content

Once you have established your account through either the Free Trial or by placing an order, you will have access to Your Site Center where you will have the ability to enter as well as edit your text and photos for your website. We have provided you with a visual representation of Your Site Center above so that you may become familiar with the layout. You Site Center is also the area for you to edit your account information should you need to do so.


Additional Features

One of our best features is the option that allows you to either use our default photo in each page of your website or upload your own photo of your baby for use in it's place. If you choose to upload your own photo, it will need to be cropped to a square format in order to fit proportionally within our design layouts.

If you do not have access to a photo editor, we have even provided you with the ability to edit your photos right on our website. All you have to do it select the "Photo Editing Tool" to crop, size or edit your photo. The "Photo Editing Tool" allows you the ability to force a square in order to crop your baby's photo appropriately for each page of your website. However, you are not required to edit your baby's photo or any photo by using our "Photo Editing Tool". It is simply a tool for your convenience.

Customer Service

We, at Baby Window, stand 100% behind our service. Should you have a question while setting up your account or website pages, simply send us an email at and we will respond within 24-48 hours.


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