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Try the service for 7 days completely FREE. If you decide that you like what you see, simply pay the fee for the hosting term of your choice before the end of the FREE Trial. You can extend your hosting period with us as many times as you like at a cost of $20 for each 6 month hosting cycle. This allows you to create a website during your pregnancy to carry throughout your child's first year of life or for your newborn baby and his/her transition into toddlerhood. You decide how you would like our service to work for you.

How Can We Offer Such a Great Service at Such a Low Price?

As the President of Baby Window and a parent myself, I know how important it is to have the cherished people in your child's life be there to see them grow and develop. It can happen so quickly, it's as if we can see them changing right before our eyes.



Often, close friends and family members are not located nearby and miss some, if not all of your child's important moments and milestones. We wanted to create a product that would allow our parents to document and journal the beautiful beginnings of a young life in an affordable way.

Baby Window was created to offer parents an online equivalent to the hardback baby book. We have specifically priced our product so that parents will have the opportunity to afford and cherish an online journal for all to share.

Since custom-designed baby websites can be very expensive, we have created a product that is totally customizable and gives the appearance of a personalized site at an affordable price. We hope that you will find our service is adaptable to your needs.

12-month hosting term = $49 ($4.08 per month)
18-month hosting term = $64 ($3.56 per month)

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